Studio Ensemble Revolution

Are you ready to build community for your students through a comprehensive studio ensemble program while generating additional income?

Studio Ensemble Revolution is a series of coaching sessions that teach you how to start and manage an in-person studio ensemble program.

Playing in an ensemble produces memories and experiences that have staying power. Be front and center in creating that atmosphere for your students because they will appreciate it for years to come!

Who's it for?

Studio Ensemble Revolution is for ANY music teacher who is searching for a way to launch or expand a studio ensemble program.

Not quite ready to meet or rehearse in person? Connecting online for ensemble rehearsals is doable and works for both small AND large ensembles. (I’m talking about meeting with 20+ participants here!)

Concerned about the investment? Establish one studio quartet that meets for 10 rehearsals and Studio Ensemble Revolution can pay for itself once you learn how to set tuition for an ensemble.

If you don't think you have time to add an ensemble component to your studio - I promise that you do, and it is ABSOLUTELY worth your time.

How much is it?

The investment for Studio Ensemble Revolution is $297. This series includes 6 hours of live coaching calls with additional instructional videos, templates and guides available for you to use.

How Does it Work?

Studio Ensemble Revolution is an educational journey through coaching sessions. We will meet one on one for six different coaching calls to discuss:

  • A Jumping Off Point
  • Small Ensembles VS Large Ensembles
  • Organization
  • Finances (Setting Tuition, Expenses and Outsourcing)
  • Making it Happen (Timslots, Structure, Part Assignments, Rehearsals and more)
  • Growing Your Program

Program Highlights


Build a community within your studio that keeps students engaged and coming back for more.

Online Rehearsals

Yes it is possible! Uncover exactly how to run a full rehearsal online for any number of students.


Gain accesss to everything you need to launch a studio ensemble program from scratch.

Dan Parasky's Studio Ensemble Revolution is THE solution if you're interested in creating an ensemble program for your lessons studio whether it is online or in person. Dan clearly lays out the step-by-step system of how to get students interested in participating in an ensemble program as well as how ot structure fees, go about finding a rehearsal space, and so much more. He also covers how having an ensemble program helps retention and creates studio culture.

If you're looking for a way to add extra income to your studio endeavors and love chamber music, I definitely recommend taking Studio Ensemble Revolution. You won't regret it!

- Katherine Emeneth

I was so grateful to have found Dan Parasky's Studio Ensemble Revolution class last year. I learned so many valuable skills that I now use each and every week in my own flute studio. Not only did I learn how to use a new technology, but also how to apply it to building a bona fide studio ensemble program that doesn't solely depend on an in-person rehearsal. It doesn't even stop there...I also learned how to run an efficient and effective rehearsal in an online format, how best to organize the pre-work, how to price an ensemble program and even how to get the best out of an online rehearsal format, something that was completely foreign to me before. Dan is so patient, takes his time with the content and really lays out an amazing strategy for how to add this to my studio. I even use this format with my private lesson students who are still online today. We are able to still benefit from things like duets all because of the skills I learned in SER Class. I'm lucky to have found the class and I highly recommend this for anyone looking to add a level of awesome to their normal studio activities. It's a wonderful class and Dan is a wonderful teacher.

If you're looking for a way to add extra income to your studio endeavors and love chamber music, I definitely recommend taking Studio Ensemble Revolution. You won't regret it!"

- Sydnee Stein
2020 Studio Ensemble Revolution Participant

Grow Your Program

Take a journey with me to see how the Parasky Flute Studios ensemble program started with only 8 students and now involves the entire studio.

  • Studio Flute Orchestra
  • Honors Flute Choir
  • 6 small ensembles
Let's Get Started!

Virtual Performances

Learn how to do all the back-end work required to make a virtual performance possible.

Audio/Video editing IS NOT COVERED in Studio Ensemble Revolution, but you will be given a list of contacts available for hire as a part of the course resources.

These students in this video never met or rehearsed in person — everything was done online over a weekend festival.

Ready to join?

Enjoy knowing you’re getting the best information out there about studio ensemble building.

Studio Ensemble Revolution

Payment in full

Upon sign up, you will be contacted to schedule your coaching sessions. I will contact you at the email address associated with your PayPal account.