Enhance Your Private Music Studio Offerings

Build a thriving program without experiencing stress and mistakes along the way

What's Covered?

Building Community

Studio ensembles are the perfect way to keep your students engaged and coming back for more.

Creating Profit

Who doesn't want to make more money and teach fewer hours? Learn how you can take a full month off and still get paid!

Getting Organized

Discover spreadsheets, templates, and guides to make private studio management easier.

What People Are Saying

Dan Parasky's Studio Ensemble Revolution is THE solution if you're interested in creating an ensemble program for your lessons studio whether it is online or in person. Dan clearly lays out the step-by-step system of how to get students interested in participating in an ensemble program as well as how to structure fees, go about finding a rehearsal space, and so much more. He also covers how having an ensemble program helps retention and creates studio culture.

If you're looking for a way to add extra income to your studio endeavors and love chamber music, I definitely recommend taking Studio Ensemble Revolution. You won't regret it!

Katherine Emeneth

Katherine Emeneth

creator - The Music Teacher’s Playbook

My Favorite 75

See my favorite 75 pieces written for flute ensemble. You and your students will love them!

Dan Parasky, Instructor

Hello, I’m Dan!

Running the Parasky Flute Studios has always been my thing. Most of us start out with the dream of playing professionally in an orchestra but I knew incredibly early on that owning a private studio was truly my dream job!

As my teaching skills were developing, I started to reflect on how formal university music programs do not actually teach us exactly how to run, teach and manage a private music studio.

This led to years of experimenting with different methods to run my studio and connect with my students to create an optimized private music studio.