Transforming the Private Music Studio

“We need to offer more than just weekly lessons” is a thought that changed my life while chatting with a student over 20 years ago.

Most people think of teaching private lessons as a backup career choice but that was never the case for me. I knew that I wanted to be a performance major to learn everything about the flute. My teachers at Duquesne University were tough but they forced me to become the best player possible. Blood, sweat, and even some tears shaped me into the teacher and player that I am today.

Long story short, I inherited 15 private students from a friend that was moving away for graduate school before I finished my undergrad.

So, what does a young 21-year-old running a new business do?

I jumped in head on to be the best private flute teacher imaginable. My roster of students doubled within one year and I have been running the Parasky Flute Studios full time since.

It wasn’t enough though…

I loved teaching flute lessons but knew there was more to deliver to my students. “We need to offer more than just weekly lessons” hit me like a ton of bricks when I was chatting with a student about their dance studio.

Why aren’t we creating experiences that DRAW our students through the doors more than one time a week?

That’s when my studio ensemble program was born, and I never looked back.

Teaching lessons is only the first step but creating experiences that your students love will keep them engaged in music for life.

I cannot wait for us to work together and explore how to enhance your private music studio offerings.

Regular Life Stuff

I am married to my high school sweetheart. Jackie constantly pushes me to be better in everything that I do and has supported every step of my music career from the very beginning. I would not be where I am without her!

Running is our weekend activity, so you’ll find us getting in our long run every Saturday followed by dinner and some drinks afterwards.

Our three cats - Willow, Lily and Daisy round out our household.

Video games are my second (or first) passion. Nowadays, I squeeze in some Destiny after teaching flute lessons. If professional gaming was a thing when I was younger, that might have been my dream job instead of running the Parasky Flute Studios.


A paragon of organization, Dan is a pleasure to work with at all times, but, especially for projects like the National Flute Association's High School Flute Choir adjudication or as guest artist for my private studio, his attention to detail and clear explanations of student outcomes shine, illuminating his singular gifts as a flutist-educator of high distinction.
Lindsey Goodman

Lindsey Goodman

I had the pleasure of working with Dan Parasky when I served as coordinator of the Mid-Atlantic High School Flute Choir. Dan was a brilliant and engaging guest conductor, who built bridges with students during our weekend of rehearsals, and inspired them to play at their highest level. Reviews from students were overwhelmingly positive. Dan made this event fun and memorable. Additionally, he was highly organized and presented a broad and diverse program. Dan also created video tutorials to help students and their teachers prepare repertoire in advance. As coordinator, I couldn't have asked for an easier guest conductor to collaborate with, and the students enjoyed a weekend that will continue to inspire them for the rest of their lives!
Dan Parasky was an inspiration for the Youngstown State Flute Studio. He presented a recital of beautifully performed pieces and a valuable workshop on running your own flute studio - something he has much experience and success doing. He included great ideas for scheduling, tuition, policies, and organization.

Dr. Umble