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What Students Are Saying

I am so thankful that I took Dan Parasky's Studio Revolution class last spring. The tools and methods he taught for online classes were especially helpful to me as I transitioned into using Zoom exclusively in my studio. I was able to have online ensemble classes with my private flute students, online rehearsals with the Woodbridge Flute Choir and I was able to lead a virtual week long After Work Adult Flute Camp in the summer. I was concerned that the participants would not enjoy these classes but they loved them! They said it gave them almost the feeling of being in a normal in-person rehearsal. I highly recommend this course.
Debbie Gilbert

Debbie Gilbert

Director - Woodbridge Flute Choir

Studio Ensemble Revolution offers flute teachers a variety of options for creating and supporting virtual studio ensembles as well as the tools for sustaining ensembles throughout the year. The program is laid out in a series of handouts and templates that make it easy to navigate and/or to target the areas that are of most use to you. I especially gained helpful insights for using collaborative programs such as Audacity and Acapella and found Dan's rehearsal methods for running effective, efficient and smooth rehearsals online extremely helpful, especially during a time with limited resources in this area. It didn't seem possible at first, but Dan shared live rehearsal footage with his students demonstrating just how easy it was to do so. I was immediately able to apply his techniques and maintained several virtual flute choirs throughout the year. The flute ensemble library database, sample studio calendars, rehearsal layouts and templates were all a bonus! So thankful this program and the opportunities it afforded my studio to continue doing what we love in a virtual setting (and beyond)!

Dr. Jennifer Lapple

Host, New Perspectives Series